Fast pass information.

Border FastPass now available for our overnight guests.

We are enrolled in the border fast pass program, officially called FastLane, which is a single-use pass that gives you access to a special lane designated for tourists. This lane will significantly reduce your wait time to get back into the U.S. These are available free of cost to our overnight guests.

The goal of the fast pass program is to give our tourists a way to return to their country fast, easy and safe. This program is coordinated by an outside third party with the following rules.

  • Only One Fast Pass per room per stay.
  • Your vehicle MUST have USA or Canadian License Plate (Motorcycles & vehicles with trailers or no License plates on the vehicle --are NOT eligible).
  • Fast Pass HOURS OF OPERATION is daily from 8 AM to 10 PM.
  • Only the SAN YSIDRO border crossing has a Fast Pass Lane (Otay Border crossing does NOT have a Fast Pass Lane).
  • Subject to availability

If you request your FastPass one day before departure, we are more likely to be able to provide it on time. Given that the FastPass system is managed by an off-site third-party, Rosarito Beach Hotel cannot guarantee FastPass availability at a given time.

How to get Back to San Ysidro International Border (Fast Pass)

Driving directions:

  1. Once you exit Rosarito Beach hotel make a right turn.
  2. Continue straight staying on the left lane as you are passing the stop light.
  3. Passing the stop light you will see a u-turn signal making the u-turn there.
  4. After making the u-turn stay on the middle lane to Tijuana.
  5. After taking the middle lane you will cross a bridge, stay on the left lane that will take you to the Tijuana Cuota exit.
  6. You will arrive at the toll booth shortly.
  7. You will continue on this road shortly you will reach the san diego sign stay on your right hand side lane.
  8. You will cross over a bridge merge over to the right lane to cross under the bridge.
  9. Crossing under the bridge you will see the lane that units with the highway that goes up the hill take that road.
  10. You will drive over this hill staying on your right lane.
  11. You will see a bridge overhead after driving several mills down the hill merge to your right lane.
  12. Exit on your right after passing the bridge overhead and merging to the left lane.
  13. A few yards down you will reach a stop light making a left turn there.
  14. Merge to the third lane the far right hand lane continue under the bridge.
  15. Continue straight ahead on this lane you will see the divider between the lane you are on.
  16. You will reach a police booth making an exit there showing the police officer your pass.

Thank you for visiting us, please come back soon!