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The Rosarito Theatre Guild

The Rosarito Theatre Guild.
Rosarito Theatre Guild. NA by Barbara J. Saragosa.

Dear Mayor Torres. 

We, the below listed board members of the Rosarito Theatre Guild, wish to express our appreciation to you and comend your efforts to provide a safe community and eliminate the criminal elemet...


Rosarito Beach: The Baja Spa Capitol
Julio, 2007

Rosarito Beach: The Baja Spa Capitol, 29 de Julio de 2007. por Connie Werner Reichert.

When Mexico comes to mind, many of us picture sandy beaches, cerulean skies and authentic Mexican food. But it's so much more than that. Rosarito Beach, just 30 miles across the border from San Diego, is also the haven for Mexico's top day spas. Many spa treatments here are given with natural lotions made from fruits of the region..

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