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HGTV House Hunt

Shorty Rossi promotes Rosarito.

"ROSARITO" by Grammy Award Winning Mariachi Divas.

2013 Les Kincaid TV show about Rosarito Beach and Baja.

Robert Redford talks about his stay and his experience in Rosarito Beach.

American tourists starting to go back to Baja.

The McMillin Realty family racing team talks about the 2012 Baja 1000 Race and Baja.

Chef Rick Bayless on Baja in 2012: I encourage everybody to come and explore.

Rosarito II: Ultralight, Baja Studios, Lobster.

Emerson College in Rosarito.

Andy McMillin, from McMillin Realty, Winner of the 2011 Baja 1000 talks about Baja

Back to Baja Now!

The Spring 2011 Baja Love Ride, leaving from the Rosarito Beach Hotel. 4th of July Beach BBQ Fundraiser, 2011. US Consul General of Baja Steven Kashkett strolling around the Rosarito Art Fest, May 29th 2011.

New Rosarito Beach Residents talk about their experience here.

Prominent Hollywood Producer, Steve Lee Jones (You Don't Know Jack with Al Pacino) celebrates his birthday in Rosarito. May 2011.

Sly Stallone in Rosarito Beach.

Crossing South. Michelle Obama talks about safety for tourists in Mexico. Cuba Gooding Sr. Part-Time Rosarito Resident.

McMillin Realty Racing Family in the Baja SCORE 250, 2011.

Former Mayor of Yorba Linda, Permanent Rosarito Resident.

Sensationalizing of news in the US. Rosarito Resident from Modesto, CA.

Rotary Club visitor from Cambria, CA. Rotary Club visitor from Cambria, CA, talks about his experience in Rosarito. Celebrity Interviewer Pete Allman interviews Mayor Hugo Torres.

US Marathon Runner.

US Surfer on his experience in Rosarito.

Rotary Club Member.

Negative Hype in the Media. New Yorker and Yanni violinist Karen Briggs visits Rosarito. US Theater Company in Rosarito. Motorcycle Hall of Famer Danny LaPorte on media hype about Rosarito and Baja.

Huntington Beach residents.

Don't be fooled by the newspapers. Down economies are gonna down-talk everything". San Diego Business owner and Rosarito frequent visitor.

21-year Resident of Rosarito Ed Jones talks about his life here.


"Thank you, Rosarito Beach, for your continued assistance and for the gracious hospitality of our business endeavors. We have been working with your city since 1979 in order to organize and promote the Rosarito Ensenada 50 Mile Fun Bicycle Ride®. For everything from promotions to permits, your team is always ready and able to help.

In our experience, the corridor from Rosarito Beach to Ensenada is safe for tourists and is an increasingly viable location to do business for companies in the United States and abroad. We have been warmly welcomed by the people and municipalities of Baja for 31 years, and we look forward to continuing the tradition for many years to come."


Gary Foster, MBA
Event Promoter of the Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride
for Rosarito Ensenada S.A. de C.V.

This Summer Camp is fantastic!

My daughter attended Reggio Emilia –Rosarito Beach Hotel Summer Camp when she was 2 years old and looked forward to it every day.  She asked to go there on the week end!

I felt my daughter was getting a fabulous school experience.
The program included art, dance, music, swim class, French and English.

The teachers are great and incredibly supportive and nurturing.
Everything is awesome, curriculum, hot lunches, and great care.

 I highly recommend it!!!

Thank you so much!

Dear Claudia,

Thank you so much for having taken care of Cleophee during 5 weeks. She really enjoys attending your Summer Camp. We are so grateful. We wish you the best.


Buenisimo weekend there in Rosarito!

Thank you very much!, We spent incredible! whole family and friends are very happy with the service you gave us, all very personal, very friendly and funnily Karaoke at Rosa & Rita!

See you soon again, and thanks again!!

Lucy & Guy Savedra.

On July 29, Saturday night Concert at Rosarito Beach Hotel.

Just wanted to share with you a wonderful experience that my wife and I experienced on Saturday night July 25 with a couple of nice friends from Rosarito. All four of us attended the evening concert performed by Miguel De Hoyos and Alex De Pue at the Rosarito Beach Hotel Towers. It was an outstanding performance by these two instrumental performers. Their musical renditions and their talent was outstanding. I have attended many performances with outstanding talent like Celine Dion, Smokey Robinson, Paul McCartney, Cher, Il Divo, Michael Buble, El Mariachi Sol de Mexico de Jose Hernandez just to name a few and just like them these two performers put on quite a show.

The venue was something to behold. It was held outside in the pool area of the towers under the stars. It just doesn't get any better than this. The evening was a delightful concert experience. It was my first concert at the Towers and I hope that they continue to bring such wonderful talent to us here in Rosarito. The jewel by the sea.


On February 28 to March 3, the Newport Elks 2105 Oregon arrived at the Rosarita Beach for a charity golf tournament at Real Del Mar Golf Course.

The Newport Elks Lodge would like to thank the staff from the Front Desk, Bar Staff, Waiters, Housekeeping and Dining, & Banquet Staff and all others for their excellent services; the food was fantastic.

There was not a time that anything went wrong. If anyone would go to this hotel and say “Thank you for all you've done” they would not be wrong. Everyone went out of their way to please us. It is a place to which we will return.

Thank you all.

Newport Elks Lodge 2105
Newport, Oregon 97365

Dear Manager,

I write in English since I know you are fluent in my language because I heard you speak about a year ago at a meeting of Home Owners' associations at Las Gaviotas.

I want to thank you and all the members of the staff of the Rosarito Beach Hotel for the way they handled the party my wife, Jean, arranged for me on the occasion of my 80th birthday at the hotel on May 17. The dinner was well cooked, well served and well done in every respect. In particular I would like to mention the efforts of Julio Flores and Head Waiter Francisco Gonzalez. They did everything I could have asked to make my birthday a success.

My out of town guests were all exceedingly complimentary about the quality of the rooms and service they enjoyed while staying at the Rosarito Beach.

My aging and frail sister, Molly Becker, suffered a fall at the Spa and the response of the staff there was caring and thoughtful. Please thank the Spa Attendant Cynthia and the Security Guard who took her to Baja Medical for attention for me again.

Douglas McLain

Some hotels are for couples. Some hotels are for singles. Some hotels are for kids. But rarely can you find a hotel that is truly comfortable for everyone, families included. It is particularly difficult to find "everyone friendly" with accommodations on the beachfront. I was fortunate to find (and spend several days at) just such a gem a few miles south of the border from San Diego in the Rosarito Beach Hotel in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.

Dana Harrison-Tidwell

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